You can sing it!


Hello, stranger! How long have you been in Poland? For one year? Five years? Maybe longer? Anyway, I’m sure that after a few days in Poland you realized how difficult our language is. We really know, how much you suffer trying to say „deszcz” or „dżdżownica”. And we are so happy that you are trying, because behind these difficult words there is a rich world of Polish culture.

If you already deal – at least a bit – with the Polish language, we invite you to enter the rich world of Polish songs. Choose one of them, learn how to sing it, and show us the results. Take part in the competition to prove that YOU CAN SING IT!

To take part in the competition, you need to register using the application form on the website (you can find it here). Then you must come for the audition which takes place on 22nd June 2019 in Łódź. During the audition you will be asked to sing one song in polish language and one in yours or in any language you want. After the audtion the judges will choose 10 Finalists who will continue the participation in the contest. We will announce the full list of the 10 Finalists on 23rd June.

These 10 finalists will have more than 2 months to prepare the performance of a Polish song during Final Concert. During that time we offer you all the help you need: teachers of the Polish language, teachers of singing, musicians who will play with you.

The Final Concert will take place on September 7th (Saturday) at 6 PM in Lodz. The Finalists will be pointed by the judges who will grant the awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winner of the contest will be awarded with 3000 PLN, for the second place you will get 2000 and for the third 1000 PLN. All the participants of the final concert will be awarded with 500 PLN. There is also the Audience Award foreseen (1000 PLN), which will be awarded to the winner by voting done by the persons present in the audience.

With all the participants of the contest YOU CAN SING IT! who will be interested, we want to give some charity concerts later to raise funds for people in need, particularly in the Middle East.

Join the project! Show us that YOU CAN SING IT!




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